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Ymor launches Ymonitor365 monitoring solution

Ymor launches Ymonitor365 a monitoring solution for Microsoft’s Office365 chain. With this solution, companies and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can monitor the availability and performance of their Office environment end-to-end, identify any malfunctions, and determine which component of the chain is causing the malfunction. By identifying incidents promptly, administrators and MSPs can deal with them proactively, thereby reducing resolution times and preventing impact.


Monitoring Office365 is often a challenge. Traditional monitoring tools cannot look beyond their own organisational domain, and the Office365 Service Health Status provides no insight into what is happening outside the Microsoft network. Moreover, Microsoft can only report on unavailability after a delay. The performance of Office365 depends on many different components in the chain, which means the end user’s experience also consists of multiple levels. When malfunctions occur, it is therefore almost impossible to assess the impact and quickly identify the cause. For both MSPs and end customers of Office365, this is a problem.

Iman Alipour, Managing Director of Ymor: “In the present market, a growing target group has a requirement for more application-specific monitoring solutions. This is mainly due to the many cloud migrations, which lead to even more complex landscapes. Instead of just bespoke solutions, we therefore now offer a standardised (and therefore more accessible) product that gives the right insights to the person in charge of Office365, whether that is the IT manager or MSP. From a commercial point of view, this expands the potential market for Ymor and gives further input to our ambition to build a reselling channel.”


With Ymonitor365, Ymor makes all the important insights clearly available on a single dashboard. User actions are continuously simulated and monitored in the relevant domains from relevant locations. This provides MSPs or end customers real-time insight into the actual performance and availability of their Office365 chain.

The standard dashboard offers:

  • A complete overview of the functioning of specific Office365 services;
  • Performance data from various online and offline monitoring locations;
  • For MSPs, a single overview with all the customer statuses;
  • The current Microsoft Health Status per service;
  • Realtime monitoring information on availability and performance;
  • The possibility of trend analysis;
  • Insights for rapid domain identification to shorten resolution times;
  • Smart alerting and reporting possibilities;
  • Indexed performance information with the aid of Apdex.


More information about this cloud based end-to-end monitoring solution: https://www.ymor.com/nl/software/ymonitor365



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