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Monitor your IT with the Ymonitor Platform

Ymor offers its monitoring services by means of the ‘Ymonitor Platform’. The Ymonitor Platform delivers technology, processes and expertise to enable organizations to excel at IT Operations Management (ITOM). Within the Platform, best-of-breed monitoring tools are combined, enabling Ymor to offer a full-stack monitoring solution. The components are delivered as a managed service by the Ymor Control Center and on-site performance specialists.

When starting with the Ymonitor Platform, the ‘Essentials’ component will be implemented first. Depending on specific challenges, objectives and scoping options, Ymonitor Platform add-ons will be implemented to achieve various relevant performance KPIs. Add-ons include Automatic Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Real User Monitoring (RUM), Endpoint Analytics, Business Process Monitoring (BPM) and Event Analytics & Predictive insights. The add-ons are deliverd in combination with Performance Services.

Ymonitor Platform Essentials

The starting point of every Ymonitor Platform implementation is the ‘Essentials’ component. All customers who start with IT performance monitoring, will be using this component. The essential component consists of four sub-elements: end-user simulation; integrations; data lake; and the Ymor Control CenterRead more…

Automatic Root Cause Analysis

When an incident is detected by the Ymonitor Platform, organizations want the Root Cause detected automatically to radically cut resolutions times. Ymor offers the Automatic Root Cause Analysis (RCA) add-on for every business critical application chain. Read more about Dynatrace (Benelux) or read more about AppDynamics (Nordic countries)

Real User Monitoring

When an application is used by a lot of different users, has several critical services or is changed often, end-user simulation alone is not enough. To be fully in control of the user experience on websites, critical web application or mobile apps, Ymor advices to implement the Real User Monitoring (RUM) add-on. This will monitor all activity of all users of mobile and web applications, across all devices and browsers. Read more about Dynatrace (Benelux) or read more about AppDynamics (Nordic countries)

Endpoint Analytics

Not all applications run on web technology or mobile devices, some critical applications run on endpoints such as virtual workplaces or laptops. Even the best performing backends can have a ruined user experience when the endpoint is not performing as expected. The Ymonitor Platform add-on for Endpoint Analytics is designed for organizations where the workstations of employees are of crucial importance for the execution of activitiesRead more…

Business Process Monitoring

The Business Process Monitoring (BPM) component of the Ymonitor Platform does not focus on the management of user experience directly. Ymor uses BPM to measure the performance and availability of an information flow. This allows organizations to measure the functioning of a business process and its underlying applications. BPM collects key data of the various business processes, services, applications and systems to process and visualises this dataRead more…

Performance Services

IT Operations Management (ITOM) can only be done successfully when integrated in all relevant processes, and when managed and improved continuously. That is why Ymor delivers its Performance Services to achieve the best results en prevent tools from becoming ‘shelfware’. Ymor specialists work according a set of best practices. These best practices have five focal points: 1) Zero downtime management; 2) Improving user-experience; 3) Business Process Monitoring 4) Change management & DevOps; and 5) IT supplier management. Each best practice consists of several use cases that can be implemented at different ITOM maturity levels.

Event Analytics & Predictive Insights

The ‘Event Analytics & Predictive Insights’ component of the Ymonitor Platform represents a monitoring and analytics solution that empowers IT and business professionals to predict and prevent problems before they impact revenue and customer experience. Within this module, the insights from the Ymonitor Platform and other existing data sources are combined in an event management engine to automate the ITOM process. Read more…


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