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Performance Monitoring

Full control of your complete IT environment would appear to be almost impossible. End-users complain about slow speeds, the business complains about high IT costs, marketing complaints about damage to the organisation’s image, and meanwhile your suppliers point their fingers at one another. The infrastructure is complex, and the quality of your IT is dependent on dozens of factors.

Ymor has been helping organisations with these complex issues for more than 13 years already. Depending on your objectives and the issues identified, Ymor can deploy various types of monitoring, such as end-to-end monitoring, workspace monitoring, or diagnostic deepdives. Read more…

Performance Testing

Applications are subject to changes, and faster releases are becoming increasingly important. Updates, new functionalities, an increase in the number of users or a transition to a different datacentre: these have to take place quickly and faultlessly. By testing your application with Yvalidate, you will know before the modification or going live takes place whether your application is performing as desired. Read more…

Performance Troubleshooting

IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. So when breakdowns occur, it is not easy to ascertain the cause. And if you are working with multiple applications, various suppliers and tailor-made solutions it is particularly difficult to determine where exactly the cause of the problem lies. Thanks to a combination of smart software and specialised people, Ymor offers you a rapid analysis, domain determination and solution direction. Read more…

IT Operations Analytics

IT-environments are becoming more and more complex because of an increase in the amount of changes, IT suppliers and (micro)services. Trying to control these new forms of complexity without automating operational processes often result in performance problems and application instability. When IT doesn’t work like it is supposed to, it leads to a heavy workload for the IT department, frustrated and dissatisfied end-users, loss of revenue and damage to the brand image. IT Operations Analytics is the solution to make IT better manageable and more predictable. Read more…

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Having a monitoring software product does not mean solving a problem. We are happy to advise you on what solution would fit your performance challenges and how we could help.

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