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IT departments are expected to help realize the business objectives. For example by monitoring, guarding and optimizing critical business processes: are all steps in an order completed? Or can the document flow be accelerated?

Different applications are involved in every step in this business process. The steps in the process can be seen as a checkpoint or ‘event’: has the order arrived in the inventory system? Has the invoice been sent? Ymor collects and analyzes all relevant information and shows the functioning of complete business processes in one clear dashboard. In this way, you combine business process monitoring with end-to-end chain monitoring. Within the Ymonitor Platform, Yprocess is used to create insights into IT chains where no end-users are involved. 




By measuring business processes across the entire chain, process information is made transparent. Yprocess provides insight into the status of all steps and variables within the business process.


On the basis of historical data, a deviation from the norm is detected by means of artificial intelligence. The business benefits from this data because analysis provides insight into trends in business processes.


The trends that Yprocess delivers are combined with real time process data. As a result, deviations from the norm arise so that the IT department can manage proactively. This shorts time used for problem solving, thus stabilizing an environment more quickly.

Dashboards and KPI's

KPIs are assigned to the different business process, these are displayed in dashboards. Distinction per dashboard can be made, for example, in strategic reports for management or more operational reports with technical specifications per business process.

How does it work?

Ymor uses Ymonitor to measure the performance and availability of an application from the user’s perspective. With Yprocess you look at the business process across the various applications. Yprocess collects the source data from the various applications or systems and indexes this data. This makes it possible to quickly link large amounts of data to one central location. By setting the right search queries, an overview can be presented of, for example, the status of an order. This is then displayed with KPIs in a dashboard.

On the basis of historical data, predictions can also be made about the expected volume within the business process.

The results

At a business level, Yprocess means more grip and control over the IT landscape. In addition, possible hitches in the process can be signaled early. For example, a customer orders a product but the order never arrives at the warehouse and so nothing else happens. Normally one only finds out when the customer is complaining. Now in a dashboard you can immediately see when an order is sticking somewhere. For IT, it remains important to monitor whether all applications are available and perform adequately. By looking at the entire process chain, it is also possible to assess how certain system connections function.

In short, with Yprocess you can:

  • Monitor the current status of business processes
  • Detect trends and make predictions
  • Conduct proactive management
  • Shorten resolution times by rapid domain isolation of faults
  • Optimise processes
  • Gain insight into the volumes within business processes
  • Report on the IT contribution to business results


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