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Ymonitor Platform Essentials

Monitor and optimise your IT performance proactively


The Ymonitor Platform delivers technology, processes and expertise to enable organizations to excel at IT Operations Management (ITOM). The components are delivered as a managed service by the Ymor Control Center and on-site performance specialists. The starting point of every Ymonitor Platform implementation is the ‘Essentials’ component. All customers who start with IT performance monitoring, will be using this component. The essential component consists of four sub-elements:

End-User Simulation

The Ymonitor Essentials component includes a synthetic monitoring solution, with which end-user actions are simulated and monitored in terms of performance and availability. As the performance of IT depends on many different components, the eventual user experience is also comprised of many factors. Even if all of the individual components appear to perform adequately, the end-user experience can still be unsatisfactory and the quality of IT insufficient.

With end-user simulation, the actions of an end-user, such as opening an application or ordering a product, are continuously simulated and measured from various locations. The measurements are used to create reliable availability, stability and performance KPI reports and are needed for any successful IT Operations Management strategy. With performance trends and KPI reports, organisations can manage (internal or external) suppliers, obtain an objective picture of end-user experiences, make informed choices and shorten resolution times.


The Ymonitor Essentials component can be integrated with already present tooling and is always integrated with other building blocks of the Ymonitor Platform. In a modern IT landscape, the many different technologies and cloud solutions cannot be managed with just one monitoring solution alone. Therefore, insights from other sources, such as application performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and cloud solutions, should be integrated into the Platform to create one single point of truth. There are free standard integrations with Slack, MS Teams, TopDesk, ServiceNow and Jira. Where relevant, additional integrations can be made with technical monitoring solutions such as SCOM, Nagios, Zabbix, et cetera. Every integrated solution automatically becomes part of the alerting, dashboarding and reporting process.

Data lake

The Ymonitor Platform data lake contains all performance metrics collected by end-user simulation and the other building blocks of the Platform. The data lake uses market leading big data technology to slice, dice, integrate and visualize data without having to develop new code. This helps Ymor to quickly provide customers with the right information and create custom dashboards and insights. The data lake is used to deliver standard KPI-, weekly- and monthly reports that can be tailored if needed.

Control Center

Ymor supports the Ymonitor Platform with a state-of-the-art Control Center and performance consultants on-site. The Ymor Control Center (YCC) manages monitoring quality, proactively suggests improvements and maintains the Ymonitor Platform infrastructure. Nine dashboards and an automation platform make sure there’s 24/7 insight into and control over the quality of the IT of customers, even when they themselves are stuck in traffic or in a meeting. The Control Center is located in The Netherlands and operates during business hours in GMT +1 time zone. For P1 incidents on the Platform 24/7 support is in place (24/7 customer support is available at additional cost).



No restrictions

We monitor all applications, trough all connections, on all locations and from all devices.


One single point of truth for all layers of IT and business on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Data analytics

Recognize data trends, detect anomalies, and correlate multiple data sources using the API.

24/7 Support

Get 24/7 support and quality control from the Ymor Control Center.

Smart alerting

Receive alerts by email and sms and take proactive action before end-users experience impact


Index your performance data to determine the quality of your IT services

How does it work?

In order to objectively analyse the performance of your application, Ymor measures from the perspective of the end user. Measurement points are placed at relevant locations, which are used to measure the various actions. For example, opening the application or ordering a product are continuously simulated and measured. The results of these measurements are displayed on a personalised dashboard. If the performance deteriorates or the application is unavailable, this is displayed immediately on your dashboard, and you receive an alert. 


Main benefits

With Ymonitor, you can monitor your key application chains, and identify any faults at an early stage. After a period of time, you can perform trend analyses, and see, for example, what the effects are of a new release, an increased number of users or the implementation of improvements in your IT landscape. Customers also often use the results of application performance monitoring as a steering tool vis- à-vis suppliers (on SLAs and XLAs), to get an objective picture of the experiences of end-users, but also to shorten resolution times and prevent incidents.



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