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Real User Monitoring for websites and web applications

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Ymor is a proud partner of Application Performance (AP). AP is a UK company that helps customers monitor their business-critical applications in complex IT environments by using the Real User Monitoring solution WebTuna. The WebTuna software provides real-time analysis of both performance and usage for website and web applications and can feed data back into Ymonitor.


User adoption

Improve the User Adoption of business applications

Reduce MTTR

Reduce time to repair for web performance problems

Track Usage

Track usage and performance over time and how they relate


Increase conversions

Drive more conversions through better performance


SLA Monitoring

Ensure performance SLAs are being met


Isolate domain

Isolate the root cause of web performance problems

How does it work?

A JavaScript tag will collect all performance metrics, store them and present them in clear reports that are available through a web browser. WebTuna can report exactly on how each page on a website is performing for an individual user, both in real-time and through historical reporting, to see trends in the website performance or usage.


For example:

One of the largest energy companies in the Netherlands was already using Ymonitor to track the availability and performance of their key IT applications and websites, but needed visibility into the usage of their sites and how performance impacted usage. Using WebTuna they were able to capture near real-time performance information for all users. Then using the WebTuna conversion funnel report, they could easily see the correlation between performance and conversion rates and the business impact.

Who is the WebTuna software for?

WebTuna is relevant for all roles that find the user performance and usage information of websites or web-based applications important. It combines a unique blend of Real User Monitoring (RUM) with Web Analytics to provide new insights using the WebTuna product itself or exporting the hugely detailed data (via an Open API) to other tools such as Ymonitor or Microsoft Power BI.


Naturally, the WebTuna software can be integrated within the Ymonitor environment, adding continuous and very detailed, real-time end-user monitoring for web applications. Combining real-user monitoring and synthetic user monitoring provides the best of both monitoring worlds.


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