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Free whitepaper “Measurement is knowledge… isn’t it?”

How IT chain monitoring based on the end user leads to an efficient IT environment
Whether an application is slow or completely unavailable, the consequences are quite considerable. Poor performance almost always leads to loss of productivity, dissatisfaction and loss of revenue. To discover where and why IT is failing, every organisation has some kind of monitoring in place. Because measurement is knowledge… isn’t it?

Does your organisation also experience IT problems, despite the monitoring that is in place? Do you find the IT department, suppliers and staff keep blaming each other, but nobody knows where to find the core of the problem? If so, end-to-end chain monitoring offers a solution.

Reading this whitepaper you will learn:

  • What the most important challenges are in the area of IT performance management;
  • How you can adress these challenges;
  • What the pitfalls are when designing a performance management strategy;
  • How the Dutch Railways, the City of Amsterdam and energy supplier Eneco have achieved quantifiable results using IT chain monitoring;
  • What steps you should take to start using IT chain monitoring.

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