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ThiemeMeulenhoff serves teachers and students with innovative teaching methods and materials to achieve optimum learning results, using digital educational applications in which each user has its own individual learning environment. Since the summer of 2013, ThiemeMeulenhoff and Ymor have been collaborating on greater user happiness with regard to these educational systems. The systems are used extensively and must therefore be available and perform well.

Prevention is better than cure

Should the application either not be available or perform properly, it results in inconvenience and frustration for the end users and possible damage to ThiemeMeulenhoff’s reputation. For example, if a teacher has planned to work with his students in the learning environment and it turns out to be unexpectedly unavailable.

In 2013, the number of educational systems was extended which created an even heavier load. In order to prevent any problems, ThiemeMeulenhoff decided to test the performance and stability of its ICT structure in advance. Ymor therefore carried out load tests and stress tests during the summer in order to establish whether the systems could handle the required load. Unfortunately this was not the case: the current system could not handle the extra load from the primary education modules.

Using our Troubleshoot service, we jointly looked for the cause using diagnostic monitoring by Dynatrace in order to see down to the code which information flows were occurring inside and between the educational chains. Based on this information we were able to make specific recommendations in order to solve the problem structurally.

Complex application landscape

In order to be properly prepared for the new school year, in the summer of 2014, ThiemeMeulenhoff hired Ymor again to validate the IT environment. ThiemeMeulenhoff’s environment is a complex application landscape that is made up of multiple chains. These chains consist of yet more varied applications and portals that use joint components such as authorisation, authentication and results processing.

Due to the complexity and continuity of this environment we combined performance tests with diagnostic monitoring enabling end users to be followed through all layers of the application and infrastructure. The findings that the validation process produced, could be dealt with in a highly focused way so that ThiemeMeulenhoff was ready well in advance of the start of the new school year. ICT project leader André Lodewijk: “After these tests had been performed, I was able to get into the background and Ymor directly engaged with suppliers, which was really great for us.”

ThiemeMeulenhoff currently still uses our monitoring services allowing them to guarantee the continuity and stability of the chains.

“Ymor’s speed and pragmatic approach are great. These guys really get things done without getting bogged down in theory.”

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