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The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) is the largest, oldest and best-known airline in the Netherlands. Since the merger in 2004, KLM is part of the Air France KLM Group. KLM transports about 20 million passengers every year, using more than 202 airplanes.

Engineering & Maintenance

The maintenance of the airplanes is taken care off by the KLM Engineering & Maintenance department. They manage one of the largest airplane maintenance centers in the world, using the most modern equipment and components. The department provides technical support to both KLM and more than twenty other airlines. In addition to the daily checks before flights, the airplanes are brought to the hangars at Schiphol once a month for a comprehensive overhaul and once every 18 months for an extensive and thorough inspection.

Performance issues

All the maintenance performed is registered in the Maintenix application, which KLM and Air France both use. This way it’s always possible to check when a component was replaced or repaired. However the application had been showing performance issues for years and causes were difficult to identify. In consequence regular discussions arose between KLM and the supplier. When the application is not performing well, the maintenance takes more time and thus costs more money. Delayed maintenance can even delay flights, which entails high costs. KLM has set up a project team to resolve the issues.

Software of Dynatrace

To gather objective measurements concerning the performance of the application, the project team has acquired Dynatrace software. This software can measure down into the code where potential problems arise. KLM has asked Ymor to train the six support engineers in using Dynatrace, so they can monitor the performance of Maintenix proactively and detect and resolve any occurring issue.

Dynatrace Training & Coaching

Being the largest Dynatrace Advanced specialist in Europe, Ymor has enough knowledge and experience to make the deep-dive software successful within KLM. We have put together a flexible team that started working on the following tasks:

  • Checking the implementation of the monitoring tool: Dynatrace is a versatile and complex product, which makes it worthwhile to ask a second opinion about the technical set up. Ymor also provides support on the installation and configuration of the software.
  • Identifying and providing support when performance problems and incidents occur: due to a new release of the application, some performance issues were expected that now have been tackled immediately by the KLM team. The Ymor specialists act as a source of support and knowledge base.
  • Dynatrace training and on-the-job coaching of the IT officers working with the system: as KLM wants to have as much knowledge and skills in-house, training and coaching for the IT officers are necessary.


What’s next?

With the gained knowledge on Dynatrace, KLM has created a safety net for its employees and customers when incidents within the application take root. KLM and Ymor will further work together on the deployment and optimization of Dynatrace within the organization of KLM. Ymor will be at the disposal of KLM to offer assistance in resolving performance issues, provide training and consulting, provide maintenance of the software and implement Dynatrace on other IT chains.


KLM uses the Ymonitor Platform (module Automatic Root Cause Analysis and Real User Monitoring)

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