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The primary concern of Enexis is to maintain and support the gas and electricity network in the Northern, Eastern and Southern part of Holland. As from 2012 Ymor helps Enexis with optimizing IT chains and since 2014 a fully integrated IT chain support service is delivered by Ymor and KPN.

Enexis’ business processes contain a lot of technical aspects. IT supports the core business of Enexis, but it mainly evolves around people. For example the maintenance workers are of major importance when solving incidents in the gas or electricity network of Enexis. In cooperation with Enexis, KPN and Ymor, the maintenance workers can use an automized incident chain that enables them to receive and process their working orders in a efficient and stabile way. This also enables them to provide outstanding service and quality to their customers.

What services are delivered to Enexis?

Ymor and KPN together deliver the service of Application Performance Management. By reacting proactively to several IT issues in the most important business applications (STAP & WOM), Ymor prevents a loss of productivity and enables Enexis to help customers in time. In most cases incidents are solved before end-users or maintenance workers even experienced any problems. This is made possible by using a combination between Ymonitor and Centerity, the monitoring tool from KPN. This also enables Enexis to respond quickly to any sort of incident.


Enexis uses the Ymonitor Platform (modules Essentials and Business Process Monitoring)