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Dimpact is a cooperative association that supports 34 Dutch municipalities. Dimpact is from and for these municipalities and their main goal is to streamline and enhance the used systems and processes. A part of this collaboration is the ‘digital baseplate’, which Dimpact uses to provide her clients with treasury functionalities to optimize their services.


Dimpact wants to have grip and control over the performance of their applications within this ‘digital baseplate’, that is why Dimpact chose Ymors application monitoring.

René Bal, director at Dimpact, says: “By taking full responsibility for our municipal IT chains, we enable our members to receive fully objective feedback”.

A digitalized world calls for optimum performance

Dimpact currently facilitates dozens of IT chains from the ‘digital baseplate’. The basis platform is offered as a SaaS-service and a variety of components and suppliers is involved. The main core of application monitoring is the ‘case system’. An optimum performance and availability of applications enables municipalities to face business matters. The IT chains mostly runs on multiple technical infrastructures. That is why when the availability or performance is not optimal; it is often not clear where the root cause of the incident has to be found.

Objectifying performances

Having grip and control on IT chains and handling chains proactively is not possible without objective measurement. In both the control desk as the municipalities there was a lack of these measurements. By establishing measurement points in Dimpacts IT infrastructure, it is now possible to identify is the root cause is coming from Dimpact themselves, a supplier or any of the municipalities. Martin van den Berge, CEO of Ymor, says: “We put up a dashboard where they can monitor their IT performance 24/7. When the performance is lower then the desired standards, we can show them why. In that way either Dimpact or local municipalities can react proactively”.

Monitoring from both sides

The monitoring has been established from Dimpacts perspective. This means the organisation has objective data that enables them to prove that the root cause problem isn’t their fault. Local municipalities can decide themselves if they want to use application monitoring from Dimpacts IT infrastructure. If they do, the IT chain is fully monitored.

Testing new releases

Besides the continuous monitoring Ymor also validates future releases of newly bought software, purchased by the organisation. Measurements take place from both Dimacts and individual municipalities’ perspective and shows them how applications perform under certain userloads. When this effects the performance or availability, they can intervene and improve the applications before they go live.

René Bal, director of Dimpact: “By using Ymors application monitoring, we know exactly where and which side is responsable for bad performance of applications. We know exactly where adjustments are needed”.

Dimpact uses the Ymonitor Platform (module Essentials)

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