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“A” performance test does not exist

Many organisations understand that the end-user satisfaction depends largely on the speed and stability of an application. That is why a performance test is performed before an application – or an update – goes live. In practice, we often see that the application...

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The Apdex score as a means to control for IT management

We know applications need to be fast and available. That’s why you actively monitor the performance of your most important applications and can take prompt action if performance deteriorates. However, the question we are frequently asked is “Are my response times good...

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For sale: A good night’s sleep

“We sell a good night’s sleep”, I recently heard an account manager say to one of our clients. Strange... I was under the impression that we were in the business of Application Performance Management, or ‘user happiness’. And these days we are able to do so much more...

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How to: Independent Citrix Monitoring

For many organisations, Citrix has become an indispensable part of daily life in the office. For the end user, it feels like working locally, although the applications are accessed using desktop visualisation in the data centre. In theory, this would appear to be an...

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How do Ymonitor and Nexthink strengthen each other?

You have probably already heard of the name "Nexthink"; Ymor has been a proud partner of Nexthink for a few years now. With the Nexthink software, the user experience at each workstation is mapped out. Various Ymonitor customers now make use of both services. But what...

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APM versus ITOA: the difference

When it comes to grip and control on IT, management and IT departments experience a major challenge. Complex cloud-based networks with thousands of end-points and end-users make it impossible to monitor all activities and filtering the few important alerts that have...

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Insight in the performance of business processes

The performance and availability of applications is of great importance for end-users. When applications perform well, it has a positive effect on business operations. Nowadays, business processes do not longer take place within one application, but are supported by...

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