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There are various tools to measure the performance of applications. Some of them provide real-time insight by monitoring end users, while others can simulate user actions at any time. Both are important insights, but information from different measuring instruments often has to be processed manually and brought together. Or an organization only uses one type of software, which means that insights are lacking and it is difficult to obtain complete insights. With the new integration between Dynatrace and Ymonitor, this is no longer an utopia. What can these solutions do separately? And what is the added value of the integrations?


Ymonitor monitors the availability and performance of an IT environment from the perspective of the end user. The actions of an end user, such as opening the application or ordering a product, are simulated from different locations and measured continuously (synthetic monitoring). The results of these simulations are shown in a personal dashboard. This gives the customer 24/7 insight into the functioning of his IT. The big advantage of Ymonitor is that it is technology independent.



Dynatrace offers real-time information on the availability and speed of applications for business and IT, so that organizations can take adequate and quick measures. Dynatrace offers a more deepening insight next to Ymonitor by indicating up to code level where profits can be made or where incidents come from. However, this software does depend on end users to monitor performance: they only measure actual usage.


1 + 1 = 3

Thanks to the integration, the strengths of both solutions are combined. Ymonitor provides synthetic performance monitoring using robots that continuously simulate the actions of the end user. The advantage is that monitoring takes place at all times. With Dynatrace, the actual behaviour of end users and its effect on IT performance is monitored, making it easier and more automated to identify any bottlenecks. However, when employees go home, the behaviour can no longer be monitored. This means that performance cannot be monitored 24/7. In this area, Ymonitor complements Dynatrace’s complete end-to-end solution.


Automated and integrated

For the customer this means one clear dashboard (see picture) where all relevant information comes together. Within this solution, the process of signalling and identifying performance problems is also automated. The disruption is detected independently by the software, just like the cause. The measurements of Ymonitor are integrated within the dashboard of Dynatrace. It checks whether the robot user can still perform all activities in a good way and why a possible delay occurs. Is a delay detected by Ymonitor? Dynatrace knows exactly which application it needs to check to detect the bottleneck.

The fact that a large part is automatic does not mean that performance specialists become irrelevant. The integration eliminates the need for people to look at different sources of information. After all, reading and analysing is done automatically. This creates more space to work on a strategic solution: how can performance problems be prevented in the future? And which expert should be called in to solve the problem?


What does this yield?

Ymonitor and Dynatrace support each other and give organisations even more relevant insights in the field of performance. The result is a faster and more accurate determination of when and where performance problems manifest themselves. And all this within the clear dashboard of Dynatrace. This makes it easier to keep a grip on the quality of IT and the satisfaction of end users. Thanks to this innovative step, existing products have been improved and measurements are more advanced.

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