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Get a good nights sleep with more grip on IT

“We sell a good night’s sleep”, I recently heard an account manager say to one of our clients. Strange… I was under the impression that we were in the business of Application Performance Management, or ‘user happiness’. And these days we are able to do so much more that the term ITOA fits the bill better. “We sell ITOA” doesn’t have the same ring as “a good night’s rest”. But as far as the IT manager is concerned, it perhaps comes down to the same thing.


Everyone in IT aims to have a stable and well-performing IT environment. Predictability is the key to this. After all, if you know what can happen or is going happen, you can prevent it or steer it onto the right course. But how does ITOA make the IT environment predictable? And what does it mean for your nightly sleep?

Data and analyses

The most important aspect of ITOA is data. With the aid of intelligent software, you collect as much relevant (APM) data as possible about the IT environment: from transaction times, CPU usage and hardware characteristics to the configuration settings and Java code. By continuously analysing the data, the system learns to recognise irregularities and give alerts when they occur. Correlation between the various data sources also makes for a faster analysis of the environment, and can preventively resolve serious malfunctions. For example, an unauthorised change can lead to a ‘security threat’ alert, or the response time for an end-user transaction can trigger an alert for future deterioration in performance. In short, you move from reactive to preventive management with a predictable IT environment.

70% chance of rain

As well as IT data, other data can be included in the analyses. For example, is there more than a 70% chance of rain on a Sunday in March? If so, the Tax Authority could automatically upscale its capacity to deal with all the tax returns. In many cases – including that of the Tax Authority – this is only a future fantasy, but it is good to start thinking about it. What if you could predict events in your IT environment? What incidents could then be prevented, and how much time would be freed up for innovation?

Perhaps not everyone lies awake at night, worrying about unexpected incidents and deteriorating performance, but I think one can sleep much more easily if genuine IT nightmares can be prevented!

Read more about our vision of ITOA in the whitepaper

Martin van den Berge

Martin van den Berge

Founder Ymor

Martin started his career with developing and selling technical solutions at Data General and Hitachi. In 2003 he decided to become an entrepreneur and founded Ymor. What started as a small business seconding people in the area of performance testing, has now become a successful international company with its own monitoring software, lots of experience and a strong vision on APM and ITOA. January 2018 Martin decided to pass on the baton and resigned his position as CEO. He is now involved with Ymor as a shareholder and strategic advisor.

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