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Recap: Dynatrace Perform2020 from a partners’ perspective

Kicking-off with the - already classic - hit song ‘Full-stack baby’, Dave Anderson started the conference with a blast. His performance set the tone: although the conference barely started, we were already sitting on the edge of our seats! Dave hit all the key points...

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Performance testing: anyone can do it, right?

We see it often in our practice: a development party delivers a software package on behalf of the client and reports neatly on a list of quality aspects with green check marks behind it: code quality, compliance, functional quality, performance, etc... The managing...

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Best of both worlds: integration between Dynatrace & Ymonitor

There are various tools to measure the performance of applications. Some of them provide real-time insight by monitoring end users, while others can simulate user actions at any time. Both are important insights, but information from different measuring instruments...

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Should I go to the cloud? Four considerations to make

Once upon a time there was an IT organization that said "We're going to solve all our problems and save money: we're going to the cloud! And there they went, a new adventure ahead. It would result in significant savings in hardware and management costs. The new...

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The business case for performance testing

The performance and availability of applications are of great importance. The speed of an application affects, among other things, user satisfaction, productivity and/or turnover. Unavailable applications by definition cause damage to a brands image, revenue and...

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Conversion loss due to poor IT performance

"Retailers often fully focus on conversion when it comes to their e-commerce platform. But who monitors the IT performance of the online platform and underlying applications?" Buying products in an online environment is an integral part of our daily lives. Many...

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How to: independent Microsoft monitoring

Microsoft’s Office365 package has more than 85 million business users. This means online cooperation and communication with Microsoft has become an unavoidable part of daily office life. But when Microsoft’s applications respond slowly or even become unavailable, the...

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Monitoring? That’s so ’90s!

Monitoring. Fortunately, everyone does it. Unfortunately, hardly anyone obtains the insights that can prevent critical incidents. Monitoring is a part of IT management, and is often viewed as a cost item and a task for an ‘IT nerd’. Nothing could be less true. When...

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