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Stop the blame game! How to manage cloud suppliers

Businesses are increasingly making use of critical applications hosted by major SaaS parties in the cloud. The fact that they are provided by major players such as Microsoft, Dropbox, Skype and Salesforce does not necessarily mean that the applications will perform...

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This way CIOs can take back control

IT Operations Analytics makes IT departments more mature so that they can truly add value to the company.  “It is a method by which you can resolve disruptions before they occur,” says Ymor CEO Martin van den Berge. He explains what else it involves and can do for the...

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Performance monitoring: when is ‘good’ good enough?

More and more organisations are keeping a close eye on the performance of their IT landscape. After all, it is very important to minimise downtime and to create the best possible user experience. This performance monitoring produces interesting data. But how to...

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Getting a grip on your suppliers with IT chain management

To get a grip on suppliers, organisations have to learn to exercise IT chain management. This means organisations taking responsibility for the functioning and performance of IT processes, and maintaining strict control over all the suppliers involved. How do you...

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Answers to the 6 most important questions about APM

Many IT managers and project managers worry about the performance of their IT environment. Are applications responding fast enough? How are end users experiencing certain procedures? And if I want to release an update, will it have an impact on performance? All these...

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Applications do not grow along with their environment

IT infrastructures are being modernised, and most applications migrate successfully with them. But some applications, conversely, slow down and do not benefit from the advance. Suggestions are made to resolve the problems in the infrastructure, but these are not taken...

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9 steps to a predictable IT environment

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is the next step after Application Performance Management (APM). With APM, monitoring is carried out to determine whether the availability and performance of applications comply with the applicable standard, while with ITOA the entire IT...

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3 tips for dealing with IT performance problems

Poorly performing IT is one of the biggest irritation factors in organisations. Not only does it feed dissatisfaction among employees, it also makes the end customer its victim. In the end, poor IT performance leads in every case to unnecessary loss of income and...

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IT chain monitoring: costs versus benefits

For most organisations, IT downtime is not something they can afford. Despite that, it’s not always possible to prevent incidents. The amount of serious harm that an incident causes depends on the adequacy of the IT organisation’s actions. Organisations which regard...

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4 misconceptions about end-to-end monitoring

There are many misconceptions when it comes to monitoring the performance of applications. Actually, it already starts with the terminology: people talk about application performance management, application monitoring, end user monitoring or chain monitoring....

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Why no IT manager can do without end-to-end monitoring

It sounds so logical: an application goes into production, and agreements are made with the supplier regarding availability in terms of percentages within business and service hours. With the help of technical monitoring, you keep a close eye on things, and as long as...

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