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Realtime insight in SAP using the power of Splunk

BNW Consulting recently announced that it has chosen Ymor as exclusive European distributor of SAP PowerConnect. This is a software solution with which data from SAP systems can be accessed. Using Splunk, a leading SIEM solution, this data can be analyzed, correlated...

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Hybrid cloud: the key to unlocking innovation

For software vendors, to deliver truly innovative modern applications and stay ahead of the competition, they need to optimise their underlying technology platforms to better support their development processes. A hybrid cloud platform provides a compelling solution...

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Five reasons for opting for a landing zone

Why using a landingzone during cloud migrations? A cloud migration can be complex, especially when a company has inadequate cloud expertise or there simply isn’t the manpower on hand for a cloud environment to be set up correctly and effectively. Moreover, an...

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Chain monitoring for health care organizations

The healthcare sector is faced with far-reaching changes in IT that entail stability risks. Think of a new EPD or an upgrade, new workstations, security issues or merging healthcare institutions and therefore merging IT environments. Examples of critical application...

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Is performance testing in test environments useless?

At Ymor, we regularly speak to test managers who feel that the costs of setting up a "performance test environment" are too high and therefore do not perform performance tests. As a result, however, we still encounter many applications with performance problems. For...

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Performance testing: anyone can do it, right?

We see it often in our practice: a development party delivers a software package on behalf of the client and reports neatly on a list of quality aspects with green check marks behind it: code quality, compliance, functional quality, performance, etc... The managing...

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Best of both worlds: integration between Dynatrace & Ymonitor

There are various tools to measure the performance of applications. Some of them provide real-time insight by monitoring end users, while others can simulate user actions at any time. Both are important insights, but information from different measuring instruments...

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Should I go to the cloud? Four considerations to make

Once upon a time there was an IT organization that said "We're going to solve all our problems and save money: we're going to the cloud! And there they went, a new adventure ahead. It would result in significant savings in hardware and management costs. The new...

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