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Innovations at Ymor

The IT Operations Management technology stack is evolving and innovating rapidly. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation solutions are becoming part of business as usual. At Ymor we try to continuously innovate our own product and include partner innovations rapidly. In this article we share some of the most recent developments.

New Endpoint Analytics dashboard

Based on the Ymonitor Platform data lake, Ymor can now show application and workspace KPI’s in one dashboard. The dashboard combines Ymonitor data with Nexthink data, automates analysis and makes sure the service organization has all the insights needed to be as effective as possible.

New Ymonitor alert annotation and maintenance windows

Of course, we also innovate at our Ymonitor Platform environment! Our DevOps team is continuously adding functionality. One of the newly developed features is the alert annotation and maintenance functionality. Currently, only Ymor staff is able to annotate incidents, which is used to deliver 100% reliable reports. In the new version, all users are able to annotate incidents. Ymor staff will grant access to relevant persons, manage who changes what, and make sure everything is ready when the report is created automatically.

We have integrated maintenance window management to ensure that when a maintenance window is configured within business hours, alert annotation is automatically updated with the status: planned. Even after the maintenance took place, it is still possible to give an alert the planned downtime status. This means it is possible to monitor downtime during maintenance and report this in the KPI reports.

Ymonitor Platform Dynatrace Integration

While our Ymonitor end-user simulation solution monitors availability and performance KPIs, we offer Dynatrace for Automatic Root Cause Analysis and Real User Monitoring. The use-cases are different, and both have their specific advantages. When Ymonitor and Dynatrace are combined, companies can fully take control over their IT environment. We have created an integration that uses both data sources for problem detection, offers powerful KPIs, creates elaborated reports and offers flexible dashboards. Read our blog about this integration.

Dynatrace User Session Replay

Another innovation comes from our partner Dynatrace. We use the Dynatrace solution for Automatic Root Cause Analysis and Real User Monitoring (RUM) within the Ymonitor Platform. RUM shows unparalleled insights into every individual user. It does not matter if one user, a group or every user has a challenge, with RUM the impact can be detected. When errors occur, it is often difficult to reproduce such an error. The large number of different endpoints, connections and browser types, mean that there are a lot of different possible causes. To help address this, Dynatrace has developed a new feature where you can exactly see what your users have experienced. Would you like a short demo? Please let us know!

Would you like more information about Dynatrace, Nexthink or Ymonitor? Please let your Ymor team know!

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