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Our ecosystem

Ymor is a central part of a larger ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, customers (centered), software partners (lower right) and business partners (lower left), work together to achieve the best IT performance for end-users. The ecosystem enables Ymor to deliver software and services through partners if desired, to organize cross-customer reference visits, and to have access to all the software needed.

Software partners

Being an independent party, Ymor is able to select the right set of tools that fit a specific challenge or business case. Various relevant measurements are than integrated within Ymonitor, enabling Ymor to create valuable insights from an end-user perspective. The Ymor software partners help us customize performance monitoring for all IT and business needs. Ymor is aware of the latest developments regarding performance monitoring software tools and makes sure its employees are officialy certified and up to date.

Business partners

When IT-chains do not perform optimally, there is a direct impact on business operations. Performance and availability problems lead to frustration among end-users, loss of productivity, financial loss and in many cases damage to the brand image of a company. In order to monitor and optimize the IT processes, Ymor – in cooperation with its partners – provide various solutions that perfectly match the needs of the market. Ymor often provides a partial solution with partners in the field of chain-monitoring.

Chain monitoring involves measuring and analyzing the entire IT chain from an end-user perspective. By measuring from multiple measurement points, objective results are generated that are displayed 24/7 in a personalized dashboard. If an application performs under the set standards or KPI’s, an alert is automatically triggered on which the IT department can act.

With IT chain monitoring, organizations get more grip and control on their IT environment. Due to timely signaling, resolution times are shortened, the number of incidents is reduced and the possible consequences of incidents are reduced. However, chain monitoring is just the start. By deploying an integrated range of additional services, complex patterns and correlations in data streams can be detected so that failures can even be prevented. It is also possible to validate new or changed applications without disrupting the business process, so that the risk of malfunctions and financial damage remains minimal. 

Become a partner

We are open to new partnerships that would fit our proposition and business goals. Interested in becoming a partner? Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.