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Mobile Ymonitor app enables you to act swiftly during performance decreases and disruptions.


Ymor is expanding its product portfolio by launching a mobile app for performance monitoring. It is based on the Ymonitor end-to-end monitoring software. By means of the mobile availability, organisations can measure, analyse and visualise the performance and availability of applications in real time and 24/7 from the end-user’s perspective. In this way, users always have up-to-date insight into the performance of their IT systems. Ymor opts for this mobile strategy because delays or disruptions in IT systems cause a great deal of damage. Having quick insight into the performance always and everywhere, organisations can act more quickly and therefore limit the damage.

In the Ymonitor app, the availability and performance of all of the applications are presented: is the application available and does the performance comply with the pre-set limit values? In the app, any disruptions are displayed at the top of the screen, which the user can click to see which transaction caused the disruption. Next, a rapid analysis can be made by calling up the performance or availability graph for that transaction. The mobile Ymonitor app is available for both Android and iOS and is available for immediate download by current Ymonitor users from the App Store or Play Store.

mobile app performance monitoring

The Ymonitor app displays an overview of the availability (left) and performance (right) of all of the IT chains that are monitored.

mobile app for performance monitoring

After clicking, the app shows the performance of a specific transaction in the chain.


As Martin Herrman, DevOps Manager at Ymor, explains: “Our clients are regularly out and about all day and go from one meeting to the next. When they receive an alert about a disruption, they could not immediately see what the cause was. Having this mobile app for performance monitoring of Ymonitor, we prevent that frustration. We now facilitate a grip on and control over business-critical chains, even on the go.”