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Utrecht, June 2017 – Performance specialist Ymor and Application Performance (AP) have announced a strategic partnership in the area of Application Performance Management. By combining the synthetic monitoring solution ‘Ymonitor’ of Ymor and the real-user monitoring solution ‘WebTuna’ of AP, companies are provided with a complete solution for application performance management.

Using Ymonitor, companies can measure the performance and availability of applications by continuously simulating end-user actions. WebTuna adds to these insights the actual realtime actions of end-users and their performance. This combination of synthetic monitoring and real-user monitoring provides companies an integral insight into the performance of their IT-environments. This way they proactively can take measures to limit or even prevent the impact of deteriorated performance.

Ymonitor & WebTuna

Ymonitor is a solution for synthetic monitoring. End-user actions – such as saving, downloading and logging in – are simulated within a chain of applications, from different devices and locations. This way companies get realtime and objective insights in the performance of their IT-environment and they can react before real problems occur.

WebTuna collects and correlates the most important performance metrics using real-user monitoring. Data is visualized in a dashboard, making trends visible. This way an in-depth analysis can be performed on individual user sessions and page views.

Proactive action, based on the right information

Martin van den Berge, CEO at Ymor: “When it comes to IT performance, you can measure almost all processes. For example, you can collect technical metrics, or see how an individual application performs. Companies that really would like to get control over their performance, should be looking at the actual end-user experience. From a technical perspective all lights can be ‘green’, but that does not mean the end-user experience is sufficient. With this partnership, we offer companies the possibility to integrate both availability, performance ánd the realtime use of an IT-chain in one dashboard. With this, they have the right tools to act proactively.”

Russell Luke, cofounder and Managing Director of AP: “It is my pleasure to announce that Application Performance is now working together with Ymor and their Ymonitor solution. Ymor is a very similar company to AP in many ways, resulting in a natural synergy between the two organizations. Both companies are known for their strength in end-user experience monitoring and in-depth insights into complex IT systems.”