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Ymor is all about the best performance, least amount of downtime and the most awesome insight in our customers’ applications. But what about our own performance and availability? It’s only fair to provide the insight in our own services transparently.

That’s why our Ymor status page is now open to the public!

This webpage shows the status of various functions of Ymonitor. Besides that, the history of uptime of components can be visualised over a 90-day period and any incident that happened and got resolved in the past can be traced down.

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You do not need to continuously keep an eye on the page, thanks to its message subscription feature. If you would like to receive emails or SMS messages when an incident is reported by us, all you have to do is to subscribe yourself to one of the communication channels by using the “Subscribe To Updates” button on the top of the page. Then we will keep you posted with incident events and updates, when they happen, are being worked on, or have been resolved.