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Utrecht, 19 November 2018 – The American data specialist Splunk and the Dutch APM tech enabler Ymor are joining forces in a partnership. Ymor will offer the Splunk data solution in combination with its own software and services to the Dutch market. With this, Ymor meets the growing demand for insights into IT performance and improving it. 

Using smart monitoring software and specialized services, Ymor helps customers get a grip on the performance of complex IT environments. As a result, organizations can grow from reactive to proactive and even preventive IT management. To achieve this preventive management, data is needed from which predictive value can be derived. Splunk’s data solution offers this. This solution collects, analyses and visualizes data and converts it into relevant information. Using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions, historical data is given predictive value.

“Many of our customers already collect all kinds of data of which the value is still undiscovered. Through the partnership with Splunk we can help them to use this data more effectively. We will therefore mainly focus on Splunk’s IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), with which we convert data into insights into the health and KPIs of our customers’ IT environments. This partnership provides our customers with even more tools to effectively manage the performance of their IT environment.” Says Iman Alipour, Managing Director Ymor.

Splunk ITSI provides a central overview of all IT data on which machine learning is released, to recognize patterns and identify and point out important deviations. Thanks to this smart technology, Ymor will be able to support organizations in preventive IT management, predictability of IT performance, reducing incidents, faster resolution times and a better user experience.

On November 20th Ymor will introduce itself as a new partner to the Splunk network, during the SplunkLive! event in Utrecht.

For more information: contact Inge Vollebregt (ivollebregt@ymor.com, 06-10762591).

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