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Ymonitor has always been the starting point for the solutions stack of Ymor. One of three main functionalities of Ymonitor is ofcourse the dashboard. After building and refining a lot of these for all our clients, we have now combined everything we have learned up till now into the all new Ymonitor dashboard module. When designing it we have focussed on ease of use and creating a single interface supporting all the best functionalities from the current three dashboards. This new dashboard will be the standard dashboard for all our Ymonitor clients.

Look and feel

The new Ymonitor dashboards allow users to easily create custom made dashboards with all the KPI’s they need. The user can simply place graphics and images by dragging them into the dashboard. The guide within the dashboard makes it very easy to get started. The result is that everyone within your company should be able to make an awesome Ymonitor dashboard themselves. Combining different graphs this module allows for multiple measurements on one dashboard. And on top of that it is possible to combine graphs with images for a more attractive look. We are also very proud of animated GIF support, we are looking forward to what kind of dashboards you will make with this feature. And last but not least, we now have an external page widget which you can use to show other APM tools, software status pages or other information you might need to show. This will remove the need for using multiple rotating tabs, you can now show and manage it in one dashboard!

The example above shows a dashboard made with the new Ymonitor dashboard module.


With the use of more modern technology the new dashboards module is faster than before and new releases can be implemented on the fly without downtime. It fits really nice in Ymor’s Continuous Integration & Development pipeline.

Conclusion and overall benefits

The new dashboard module for Ymonitor allows for more flexible and user-friendly dashboard building. With endless possibilities in the sorts of graphs and images these dashboards can be used for management dashboards as much as technical dashboards. With the improved functionalities, improved overall look and feel, we hope it will let you and your Ymor support team create more creative and relevant dashboards.

Rolf van Anholt, Manager Products & Services:

“Please share your thoughts and if you’re proud of the result, share the dashboard with us! (pr@ymor.com) The top five will get a bottle of La Chouffe!”

You can try it yourself at www.ymonitor.nl/dashboard