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Brave New World (BNW) Consulting Pty Ltd, today announced that the Dutch performance specialist Ymor is their exclusive European Distributor & Implementation partner for PowerConnect.

PowerConnect (SAP Certified) is an innovative tool that provides customer benefits such as: SAP telemetry data, pre-built Splunk dashboards and panels, customizable functionality and graphical interfacing. It integrates SAP and Splunk, deploys in a few hours and comes with pre-build queries and dashboards for SAP performance, security and business processes. The tool is quickly gaining ground in Europe, Australia, and America with customers such as Zurich, Sephora, KPMG, PWC, Bridgestone, Promos, The World Bank, NN Group, PACT Group, Colgate-Palmolive, CLP Group and Pirelli.

Using smart monitoring software and specialized services, Ymor helps customers get a grip on the performance of complex IT environments. When SAP is part of this environment, this can bring additional challenges. For many organizations, SAP forms the basis for the operation, but it is relatively inaccessible and insight into the functioning of business processes in which SAP is involved is difficult to obtain. PowerConnect for Splunk provides an answer to this question.

PowerConnect is an SAP solution that creates end-to-end insights that were previously impossible. By adding PowerConnect to its portfolio, Ymor provides end-to-end insight into digital business processes of which SAP is a part, so that both the business and IT can keep a grip on their business-critical chains. The collaboration between PowerConnect and Ymor – together with the partnership with Splunk – forms a powerful triangle with the latest knowledge about SAP, data processing and performance and process monitoring. Splunk offers the data platform on which all SAP data is collected, analyzed and visualized into relevant information.

Iman Alipour, managing director of Ymor:

“We are very pleased with this partnership, not only from a strategic perspective – because with SAP PowerConnect we can serve a wider market – but also from a practical perspective. In practice, we often see that current SAP monitoring solutions are time-consuming and costly to implement. With PowerConnect we can act quickly and use our pragmatic approach. Also, existing SAP monitoring solutions offer insufficient insight into what is happening in the rest of the chain, as a result the functioning of the entire business process remained unknown. We are now able to create that end-to-end insight.”

Warwick Chai, Founder and Managing Director of Brave New World Consulting Pty Ltd and the PowerConnect tool said:

“We got to know Ymor through a joint customer and were immediately impressed. The way they use our tool and integrate it with other APM solutions is very effective, pragmatic and valuable. We are therefore confident that with Ymor we can provide the European market with the best tool, the best processes and the best results.”

More information about SAP PowerConnect for Splunk can be found at https://www.ymor.com/software/sap-powerconnect

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