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Ymor is now 100% Sentia

The Ymor name is no longer in use, but our APM expertise definitely is!

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Prevent downtime

by testing your IT performance in advance. Does it meet the desired load and performance requirements? Ymor offers various performance tests to create deep insights in the future performance of your application.

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Solve IT problems

by having our experts detect the root cause of your performance issues. We have all the tooling needed to quickly point you in the right direction to solve the issue permanently.

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Create in-depth insight

by monitoring your IT performance 24/7. Depending on your objectives, our services may vary from end-user monitoring, workspace monitoring, diagnostic monitoring to change and configuration management.

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Our customers

Ymor customers operate in a wide range of industries but have one thing in common: their businesses depend on business-critical applications within a complex IT environment. Products and services are therefore implemented based on the specific needs and objectives of our customers.


Full control of your IT environment seems almost impossible. End-users complain about slow applications, the business about high IT costs, marketing worries about the organisation’s image, and meanwhile your suppliers point at one another. The infrastructure is complex, and the quality of your IT is dependent on dozens of factors. Time to get in control with our IT performance solutions!


Create user happiness

A happy user is a productive user, so optimise efficiency and prevent complaints

Reduce incidents

Use our insights to prevent incidents, or solve them up to 80% faster 

Stop the blame game

With objective measurements you create one single point of truth and easily steer your suppliers

Become proactive

You are enabled to orchestrate your IT performance proactively

Ensure digital success

Make sure your IT performance thrives digital transformation

Improve your image

We understand downtime is not an option

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